I Bombed a Pre-Interview Test and I Am OK

Hi all,

I recently took a pre-interview test for a local company that uses React as their front-end library. The process was really interesting and I though it would be a great way to demonstrate how I can contribute to their team.

They used an online tool for the assessment and sent me a link. They provide feedback on your performance whether or not you advance in the hiring process. There are no “do you know this” or “explain x” questions. They even encouraged you to use whatever resources you find helpful. This was an “open book” exam. I felt confident I would shine in this scenario based assessment.

There were three scenarios and an overall time limit of two hours. The assessment recommended I review basic concepts that would be covered and provided links to resources. I reviewed the topics and there were two I wasn’t familiar with so I read the reference material they suggested and the next day I took the test.

Wow did I stink up that test!

The first scenario instantly destroyed my confidence and I moved on at the recommended time point of 30 minutes. The second confused me and by the time I figured out a path forward I ran out of time again. I understood the third scenario and started towards a solution, but the scenario was massive and there was no way I could complete all the tasks in the time remaining.

I performed horribly.

There is always an upside. I now have one more experience under my belt that will help me the next time I have the opportunity and I also learned what I need to learn. This will change the path of my studies to cover those things that tripped me up and make me more prepared in the future.

I could feel sorry for myself or complain I didn’t have enough time to complete the scenarios, but that wouldn’t move me forward. Instead, I am using the experience to improve my chances of success next time and I would encourage anyone who has a “bad” interview to see it as an opportunity to succeed the next time the opportunity arises.

I can do this and so can you!


Thank you for sharing this important experience with us. Don’t forget sometimes companies don’t expect you to complete the assessment, but only want to verify if you have a minimum needed knowledge to be part of the team.
Keep improving.

This kind of stuff is important to know your gaps, on one itreview question I was asked “whats the difference between Route, Router, BrowserRouter and withRouter” in React-Router. And I understood that it was my gap )))))))