I broke "Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object"

I was in the middle of “Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object” and had to stop for a few days. When I came back nothing seemed to work, so I tried to do a complete reset and start the course over. Somehow, while pointing and clicking I deleted the entire project directory. This is very bad. Now if i get “Test Runner Failed” if I click on the run button in the CodeRoad section.
Does anyone know how to get the project directory restored?

I guess I just had to ask for help… After I posted this I kept poking around and reading.
I found a post that told me to go here CodeAlly. From there I could see the Code Project. Hitting the 3 dots next to its name allowed me to delete it.
Then I went back in through freecodecamp.org and everything is reset and I am starting over. :smile:

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