I broke the Steamroller Console

It appears that I have broken the steamroller console.
Maybe I have touched memory that I should not have.

I make an error appear in the console on the FCC website then I attempt to fix or remove the issue causing the error and the console is frozen with that same error.

I refresh the browser, the problem goes away, but I am able to consecutively cause the console to freeze. Since the error was happening yesterday and it continues to repeat today, I thought I might ask if anyone has experienced this.

Is there any way to determine if I have damaged the FCC activity for myself?

CODE after deleting issue

function steamrollArray(arr) {
  return arr;

steamrollArray([1, [2], [3, [[4]]]]);


> SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected token (2:13)
>   1 | function steamrollArray(arr) {
> > 2 |   return arr[];
>     |              ^
>   3 | }
>   4 |
>   5 | let result = steamrollArray([1, [2], [3, [[4]]]]);

I was typing arr[0]; I just happened to type before I inserted the 0.

Wishful thinking: Can FreeCodeCamp reset my activity?

Kind regards,

The box on line two is an opening and closing square brakets.

There is a problem with the console not updating at the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

There’s an easy workaround though:

  1. Copy your code
  2. Refresh the page with CTRL+F5
  3. Paste your code

This should get it running again… you may need to do this each time the console updates however.

Thank you Igor, that is excellent and speedy advice!
It is working now.