I built a beat maker app with vanilla JavaScript - what do you think of it?

Beat maker app

This isn’t the same as the FCC drum machine app. A lot of the time when I’m practicing music I’d have to listen to a drum track on YouTube which was a little annoying. I decided to make a beat maker app so I can quickly play a sequenced beat on my phone.

I’m using tone.js to handle the audio and sequencing. I’ll admit that the code isn’t very dry and unnecessarily complicated. Nevertheless it does what it says on the tin. What do my fellow developers think, is there anything I should update or change?


Look, i don’t know about the code since i haven’t started the JS section yet, but from an user perspective, it looks and feels amazing, it’s really addictive and fun to mess around even if i’m not really a music guy.

To nitpick a bit, i would maybe add an option to select all the squares at the same time, and maybe an explanation of what the swing slider does, but since you developed this for yourself and you are a musician, i can see why you would think this last thing is redundant.

Anyways, really cool project! if you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to make this?

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Thank you that’s excellent feedback! You might not believe it but it took me about 5hr to get a basic version working with chrome. Then an extra 30hr to fix bugs and get it working with Firefox.

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Really cool! Got a smile on my face within 2 minutes. My small suggestion for improvement is to have a look at the hands. The purple border on it is so dark that I initially thought there was a bug and it wasn’t activating. Go for a brighter colour.

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Thanks so much! I’ll have to fix the color and brighten it up a bit. Thanks for pointing that out.

can i see your repo?

Sure - https://github.com/Exogenist/Beat-Maker-App