I built a Robot!

I built my first automation, simply named “a robot.” I was able to implement it in the web browser after completing the project chapter in eloquent JavaScript. This is the link ROBOTS). I learned so many JavaScript concepts in this chapter. If you are learning JavaScript here on freeCodeCamp, it will be nice if you take the extra step of reading a book like this one.

The project source code on my github account tsolawoyin/Robot: A simple automation (github.com)

I think I am going to add more functionality to the program, but I have to move on to the next chapter for now. I need to learn more. Anyways, if you feel like contributing, you are very welcomed amigo!!!

Happy coding everyone


could you give as the link to download the book.thanks in advance.

Eloquent Javascript: A Modern Introduction to Programming


I changed the link to the legal site - we can’t have links to pirate sites on the forum


Alright. I do download books from PDFDrive, but I never consider them pirated. They are helping the world. But I understand, sir.

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