I can code Javascript 4free

Hello all you guy,
Currently I’m a QA Engineer and I’ve learned about HTML, CSS, Javascript on others place ex: couresa, codecademy. But I think my skills just improved when I’m in a real project, my friend lead me to freecodecamp to looking for a real project for someone like me.

So if you guy need me code Javascript for you, just contact me through:
Skype: daibanga3
Gmail: ledaivuong1990

Thank so much for listening and any help!

Hi @ledaivuong,

This forum is for people learning to code (like you), rather than people that want to have work done for them, so you are unlikely to find many takers.

If you would like decent projects to help you learn, the Free Code Camp curriculum actually provides plenty for you to practice with. You can do anything from building your own portfolio, creating browser based games, or creating full stack javascript applications such as the Voting App or Pinterest Clone.

You can find all of the challenges and projects at https://freecodecamp.com/map


Hi @JacksonBates,

Thanks for your helpful advices, I will find out based on this

u need real project ? just front end ?

i was planning starta front end website for hotel booking ,if u like to help me out?

It seem excited, so glad here that from you. We can talk about it through skype, my ID: daibanga3

ya done check ur skype