I can flex box with the text

I want to flexbox 3 items ( one text in h2 tag and two sections) in the parent section.
The 2nd section can not flex left side of section 1. Pls help me.

Hey @thanhluu.ssd,
Below is what I found in your html

<h2 class="intro">These are my projects. Althought it is not goood but I am so happy with it. I have made it by myself</p>
<!--Projects section-->

I believe you wanted to close the h2 tag right after the heading, but you misspelled </h2> as </p>. Due to this typo your projects section is the child element of h2 not #projects(on which you’re applying display: flex).

I hope, your doubt will be cleared after fixing the typo.
Leave a comment, if I misunderstood your issue.

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oh. I stuck for a long time in this matter. Thank you so much. By the way, have any tool for checking the spelling errors?
Thank you so much.

ohh sorry, I forgot to mention that.
In the html editor of codepen, If you click the down arrow, there’s an option called Analyze html(also available in css and js editor), It’ll check for unpaired tags, required attributes such as alt on img.

Also, I would like to share link for HTML Validator.
If you’re pasting the stuff from codepen, then you’ll have to ignore the errors for doctype, <head> and <title> within head, and rest of the errors will be from your code in the body
Hope you’ll find this useful.

Oh, I just’ve check my project on codeopne. Have a lot mistake same this. Thank you again and have a nice day

It’s good to write error free html to stop auto processing of unpaired tags by browser and show unwanted effects.

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