I can not get the exact check box's to submit the tribute form challenge

I did all the challenge for tribute form with all the 10 requirmentes passed. then, for further enhancing the page view and to make it more artestic I thought i saved the project and left for coffee,. Unfortunatly, it was not saved then after when I want to go for it again, I could not find the code pen as it was before. Meaning, it is not able to check each and every requirments when I run my html and css ciodes. Is there anyone with the same challenge and solved it?

To find your pen on CodePen click “Dashboard”

I thanks for the quick replay. But my question is:
- to pass all the challenge( for tribute form), I need to pass all the reqirements so that where can I get the check box from my dashboard?

I don’t understand your question. If your project is passing the tests, you submit the link to your project:

sorry for my english if i am not well explained my question. here I make it short. here is the snap shoot i got when i tried to rebuild the challenge. so far I did not upload the challenge to FCC server. so where is my problem. here is what i got when i tried to build my html and css.

You don’t need to create “Projects”. You can just create “Pens”. CodePen will let you create lots of “Pens” for free.