I can not submit my solution to Survey Form

I am trying to submit my solution to Survey Form challenge of Responsive Web Design section but I am receiving the message “Remember to submit the Live App URL.”.

I’ve tried the two links bellow:

Coul you please help me with this issue?

Hey there @Jevers!

A live version means a version that’s hosted somewhere and implemented just like any other website where others can see it and give feedback, in this case FCC blocks just the GitHub repo, instead I suggest putting it in a codepen from

Just copy and paste your HTML and CSS and you should be good to go!

Another option would be to enable GitHub pages inside your GitHub repo, GitHub page build a website out of the Html and CSS, as an example here’s my portfolio:


To enable it just head into GitHub settings, put branch as main (or whatever your main branch is) and choose root folder and hit save. Wait a few minutes and a website will be built in the pseudo name of “yourgithubname.github.io/reponame

Hope this helped!

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