I can pass the challenge without writing a single line of code!

Hello Campers, I have a serious problem here
I can pass all QA Project Challenges without writing a single line of code. I tried to use a different platform to host my code, (github, glitch, repl.co), it’s all the same.

Does anyone had this issue before?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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the tests for those projects are a work in progress

remember the Academic Honesty Pledge tho!

Of course @ilenia, I need someone to test my code, I know it’s much easier to just paste a link and pass the test, then get the certificate, but that’s not what I want.

I need to learn girl.

What do you mean by working in progress? Is there a real problem with the system, or it’s just me?

they have not been implemented yet, they are in process of creation.

But the projects are there!!??

when you submit the link there is no test. They will be added in future

understood @ilenia
Thank you so much.
Can you give me a ballpark estimation on when to expect the test releases?

you can follow the progress here:

Thank you @ilenia

BTW, are you a pro coder? do you have a linkedin account?

I am a chemistry student

Oh, sounds incredible, then, how did you end up here?

you don’t need to be an expert to be a mod. I like coding, I like helping people.

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Yes @ilenia, you’re right. all you need is a little bit of kindness.

And besides, Have you passed QA CERT?
What if I solve the challenges by my own like this one?

I have not, but you could open a topic asking for feedback in #project-feedback if you think your project is completed, or in #curriculum-help:certification-projects if you need help

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Thank you @ilenia, will do, if I needed.
Have a great day girl.