I can tseem to change the font size using h1 in CSS

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<style  h1  {
   font-size: 16px; 
      <p> hella atayay </p>>
    .red-text {
    color: red;
<h2 class="red-text">CatPhotoApp</h2>
  <p class="red-text">Click here to view more <a href="#">cat photos</a>.</p>
  <a href="#"><img src="https://bit.ly/fcc-relaxing-cat" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>
    <p>Things cats love:</p>
      <li>cat nip</li>
      <li>laser pointers</li>
    <p>Top 3 things cats hate:</p>
      <li>flea treatment</li>
      <li>other cats</li>
  <form action="/submit-cat-photo">
    <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" checked> Indoor</label>
    <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor"> Outdoor</label><br>
    <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality" checked> Loving</label>
    <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Lazy</label>
    <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Energetic</label><br>
    <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL" required>
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

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Your style element is missing a ‘greater than’ > symbol. Also, you might want to go over how you’re styling your HTML tags because from the looks of it, it seems like you’re adding things where they shouldn’t be. For example:

  • You want to style the h1 tag, but I don’t see it below your style tag.
  • Not sure why you included the p tags within your style section.

oh i have it sorted now. your reply was really helpful

Where is h1 tag in your code?
you should add h1 tag in your body then it will work similarly for h2 also.

oh, i have corrected myself. just passed the challenge now. thanks a lot

close the leading <style> tag and you should be able to solve it, and DO NOT put HTML inside of the <style> tag.
this is what your css should look like:

h1 {

<style>  [always have to close style tag]
h1 {
font-size: 20px;

.red-text {
 color: blue;