I cannot get a new dev job, even though I have 2 years of job experience in the field

Yes, that is the problem. My reputation is ruined online.

I am no guru, but this sounds like a cry for help that comes from a place of self pitty. I myself have been looking for about a year an a half to land a job in this field. It never ceases to amaze me, as I have personally witnessed the capable/competetive/remotely close to my level in and at every single job site I have been on since my career began. This is just a tough field to get in to. All our geek bosses are geeking out just like us bud, ain’t got time for the half-***. Grab your confidence, and shine your brine bud, you’ll get back in motion for carpal tunnel by 35 in no time. Believe in yourself like Bobby Boucher brought them mud dogs back to win the bourbon bowl.

Dang ,dad! Just kidding, I love it, and I am sidelining the advice STAT. Merry Christmas all!


That is looking nice for sure!

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