I cannot locate my "Build a Tribute Page" project website

Even in Github I am unable to locate my Build a Tribute Page project website after finishing and submitting the link. Please advise.

I cannot find it among the projects in my github account.

Are you sure you made it in GitHub and not on some other websites like codepen.io?

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It was on codepen.io . Let me try checking it there. Thanks

When you login, click on Dashboard on the side menu

When I login on codepen or github?

On codepen.
Codepen and GitHub are two separate websites.
Although you could authenticate in codepen using your GitHub account, much like you can do on other websites with Google and Facebook.

On codepen, I am not seeing dashboard

I just found it. Thanks a lot

It is with Github that I authenticate into freecodecamp.org. I therefore thought that my projects will be displaying also on github even if I build them on codepen.io. How can I get them to display on github after building each of them on codepen.io? (By clicking the dashboard as you advised, I was able to locate the first project. I now want it and subsequent projects to be displaying on github also, How, Sir?). Thanks.


I am not sure whether codepen.io or freecodecamp provides a way to create a github repo out of the codepen pens. However, there is a option of creating Github Gists which will be displayed on your github profile unders “Gists” option.

To do this from your pen in Codepen.io, you will have an option of export in the bottom right corner of your screen. From here you will have an option to export as Gtihub gist. It may ask for github authentication, make sure you provide that and you will be able to see the pen from codepen in your Github gist profile.

Keep us posted.

Got it. Thanks very much.

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