I cannot login to freecodecamp

Good day,

I am unable to login via my email or with my GitHub account, neither works. With the email option I am emailed the OTP, I enter it and then it says something went wrong. With GitHub I am asked for my 2FA code, I enter this and then I get the same problem. I used freecodecamp before the big update, back when the site had a green colour theme. Please help me, I’d like to get back to learning.

EDIT: My problem has been solved, anyone with the same issue contant team@freecodecamp.org

try emailing support@freecodecamp.org

Same is happening with me, it’s logging in here in forum but not in learn, it’s been same for past few days.

have you written to the support email?

forum and curriculum are two different account

Hi ieahleen, I have contacted support but I haven’t heard from them yet.

Hi ieahleen, yes mailed the support as well, but nothing yet.

I’ve been having the same problem for a couple of weeks. I tried logging in mid-late Nov and it won’t work.

I emailed support three days ago and haven’t heard anything yet.

To anyone that sees this post, freeCodeCamp helped me login, try emailing them here with your login email and username: team@freecodecamp.org

Hey please have a look at my post again, I’ve updated it with info that could help you.

Hi there-
What were the steps they walked you through to get signed in? FCC has been silent in regards to my email support requests.

it can happens you have a duplicated account, then you just need to wait for someone from support to fix the issue

I just emailed team@freecodecamp.org and told them I am having trouble logging in, then I gave them the info for my account (username, email address).

Thank you both!