I cannot move on with test, even if it is correct

The program doesn’t let me move on with the test, even though the result is correct - I can see it on the code output side. The test is: Basic CSS, Attach a Fallback value to a CSS Variable. It gives me this answer: “Apply the fallback value of black to the background property of the penguin-top class.
Apply the fallback value of black to the background property of the penguin-bottom class.”

The result of my code is correct on the right screen. I also checked the syntax, it’s similar to the one marked as ‘passed’, but I can’t move on with it, it keeps finding an error which doesn’t exist. Has someone ever had a similar problem? What can I do to solve it and move on with my curriculum?

Thanks for help

to help you we need to see all your code. If you go back to the challenge and click ‘ask for help’ it will automatically load your code into the appropriate area and you can then add your concern (again) to the top area and submit it to the forum.

Or you can try and cut and paste your code here but make sure you place the code in between two lines that have three backticks on them. Like this
put code here

(the backtick is a symbol located near the ESC key on your keyboard)

Thank you for the answer,
I reposted my problem with the code inserted, in a another topic.

Please do not create duplicate topics for the same question(s). Instead, either edit your original topic with new information or simply reply back to the original topic to add more information.

Thank you.