I cannot seem to find what is wrong in my technical documentation page

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page


Hi @mensemetpense !

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You are currently failing four tests. Open up the test suite and read the full error message.
The full error messages are good at helping you solve the issues.

Is there something confusing about the error message?

Also, please move your css out of the style tags and into the css section.

Yeah I’ll move it but regarding the headers and other errors of the navbar i dont see the issue because i did exactly what the questions were

For error no.4. you cannot have duplicate ids.
You can’t do this

  <section class="main-section" id="Languages">

    <header id="Languages">

But also the id needs to match the text like this

<section class="main-section" id="Programming_overview">

      Programming overview

You need to fix all of those id and make sure the text matches the id and the id has underscores like I just showed you.

For no.10 it looks like you are missing a section that was mentioned in the nav links.
It looks like this first one but you are going to have to double check that

    <nav id="navbar" class="nav-link" name="navbar">

For no.12
the text in the nav link class needs to be an exact match to the header text. The error message tells you one of them doesn’t match.

for no.13
It tells you that one of the nav links does not have a href.

Go through each message slowly and double check that everything is matching.

Thanks Jessica appreciate it. I just misunderstood the question by a long shot

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So i think there might be a bug here in the actual test because everytime i check through the nav-link tags all a href tags seem correct with their various links but i saw that the error asks “expected 8 to equal 9” so it is either seeing a nav-link which isn’t there because i used my word finder and it counted only 8 and before i made an 8th nav-link it said 7 must equal 8 so i made another one with an href and its own section just to see what the fuss is about then it changed from needing 8 to 9?? Any help with this please

Hi @mensemetpense

I was able to make all your tests to pass. You need to do the following

  • Check the last section. Is it having the correct id. Shouldn’t it have something like id="Disclaimer" name="disclaimer" class="main-section"
  • Check the nav element. It has a class="nav-link". Is that correct?
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Yeah i changed the ID for the capital D in disclaimer but whats wrong with nav element?

Try removing class="nav-link" from the nav.


Thanks so much ur a champ

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