I cannot send data using the inputtodo.js

[RadiantTransparentOrigin - Replit]

i tried to follow the tutorial from
( PERN Stack Course - Postgres, Express, React, and Node - YouTube )

but the server won’t launch, so i changed replit and created a new one using the react template, but now the fetch is still failing, and if the react is online(meaning : i use the command “npm run dev”, then the server won’t turn on, but if i turn on the server ( meaning : i use “node ./server/index.js” the server is online, and i can access it using postman ) ). Please help

-thank you

You did not really follow the tutorial as the tutorial separates the server code from the client code. Each has their own folders and package.json files. Does the tutorial cover Vite?

client/package.json - PERN Stack Course - Replit

this is the one that i made following the tutorial

and i also tried using it like this
ReactExpressjsTest - Replit

and it still doesn’t work

nevermind i found this
react express template-multi-page - Replit

thank you

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