I cant do the 7th challenge

I need help with this

and this is link to my codepen
if you can help me thank you

I ran the test suite, it passed them all. Try doing it again. That specific test took 1004ms for me.

no it doesnt work for me idk why

Which browser are you using?

I am using chrome and I tried a lot of things like searching for it in but npt working

Screenshot at 2021-02-11 20-22-43

I ran it again, and it is fine here. Could you try restarting the browser or try a different browser?

This is the failing test: “At least one navbar link should move the page position when clicked”

If you look at this screenshot of the project, you’ll see that it all fits on one page, because you don’t have much content. It all fits on a fairly small screen without creating a scrollbar. That means that when you click on one of your links, the page doesn’t actually move the page position unless you make the window extremely small. (Even then, the Welcome one wont work because you spelled the id wrong.)

Right you you seem to be at an early draft phase, which is still sloppy and doesn’t have any style or content. When you add more to it, such as images of your projects, the navbar will have something to navigate to.