I can't event get past 3rd step in car app first lesson

I have gotten two steps into the first lesson. The third step is make it type see more cat photos in our gallery. Every variations I try it tells me is wrong. It keeps telling me I mistyped it or omitted the text. I’ve looked at the text a million times I have it written exactly …See more cat photos in our gallery. I don’t understand how any of you do any of this or the point of even trying.

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Hello Robbones.
Most of us went throught the same path. Things might not make sense at the moment, but eventually they will. You just have to keep trying and asing for help more, don’t shy away no matter how “easy” the problem may feel. We all started from their. We have a great commuity here that will help.

I had a closing at the start and finish. I breezed through the next few. It’s been so long since I did anything like this like basic programming class in high school in 96. I’m not sure if even learning this is worthwhile. I got to find a way to get out of driving Uber for a living

Programming is definitely not something that is going to get you quick money, but its something that is definitely rewarding if you put the time and effort into it. If you are just starting out without much knowledge and learning on your own I would say be prepared for this to take a year or longer before being ready to apply for a job. Also note that your competition will be those with a four year degree. Not saying that to scare you or try and de motivate you, but its better to know what its going to take and the battle a head. If you’re fine with that then keep going! And we are here to help with questions as you continue your journey

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I didn’t expect to get this overnight at all. Are you saying it’s worthless to try compete with people having degrees??? I am at the age in life that I am pretty sure I’ll never go to college. Honestly I don’t even know how much time I can dedicate to this app after I get past the few lessons available on mobile version. I have to spend like 16 hours a day in my car trying to make a living driving Uber. Once I get to the parts requiring me to be home in front my lap top I am probably screwed. If this is the life I have to keep living barely surviving it’s not a worthwhile life at all

I didnt say anything like that. Its not worthless as many people have got a job in this field without going to school, but its just going to be a bigger hill to climb vs someone who has a degree.

Its probably something that you need to take a day or two and really think about. Its going to take serious amount of time and commitment. If this is something that you eventually discover you dont have passion about then trying to learn all of this is going to be miserable for you

I really don’t think it will make me miserable. It’s just the point of I literally spend every waking moment in my car just to keep a roof over my head, pay for car, and not starve. If I could sit at home in front of computer more I might have already signed up for a computer science program through ASU that Uber will pay for