I can't figure out the error for the arithmetic formator

I have no idea what I am doing wrong with the arithmetic formator. It seems to print out as expected but I fail every test (and cannot understand the error descriptions) . Linked is the code itself. Any insight would be greatly appreciated:


your function should return the request output, not print it

Thanks for responding ilenia. I am returning a string with arranged_problems, which the boilerplate main prints out, should the return be in another format?

ok, you return it, try to read carefully the error, the assertions are what you should give most attention to

It states it is expecting a different output but it is not clear how. When I run each test directly through main it shows the expected results as presented in test_module.py.

I figured it out. Sorry took me a while to understand the print out from the test. was using quit() rather than returning the error and adding an additional \n at the end of the problem.

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