I can't figure out the one test I faled for Product Landing Page

I’ve checked my HTML and CSS multiple times but I can not see what test failed. Is there a way to know which one it is? Here is my CodePen for the project: https://codepen.io/jim-kernicky/pen/VwbZNoo

Any insight would be appreciated!

Hi @kernix !

Welcome to the forum!

The failing message says this
Each .nav-link element should have an href attribute

<li> don’t have hrefs.
Once you move those classes to the correct element then the test will pass.

But on a side note, the goal is not to recreate the sample projects.
It is suggested that you create a page with your own personal style.

You will learn more if you create a page that is different from the sample project.

Hope that helps!

You beat me to it - I thought I should move the nav-link classes into the tag instead of the li tags and it worked - thanks!

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