I can't find the error can someone help me please

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I can’t find the error can someone help me please

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<label for="id">Indoor
  <input type=radio value="indoor" name="indoor outdoor" id="id"> 

<label for="od">Outdoor
  <input type=radio value="outdoor" name="indoor outdoor" id="od"> 

<label for="loving">Loving
  <input type=checkbox value="loving" name="personality" id="loving"> 

<label for="lazy">Lazy
  <input type=checkbox value="lazy" name="personality" id="lazy"> 

<label for="energetic">energetic
  <input type=checkbox value="energetic" name="personality" id="energetic"> energetic

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Challenge: Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

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Hi @ShellyPant !

Welcome to the forum!

In the future, please provide your full code instead of part of it. :grinning:

When I tested your code, I received this error message.
One of your checkboxes should have the value attribute of energetic.

This is supposed to start with a capital E

But also, all of the type attribute should have quotes around them.
The test will pass without the quotes but you should get in the habit of adding them.

Hope that helps!

thankyou dear i changed the way i wrote it first … now i’m not limiting my label tag and that helps indeed

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