I can't find what I'm missing on my tribute page

Hey! I’m doing my tribute page, and I’m pretty confident I’ve fulfilled all of the user stories, but I’m unfortunately receiving a 7/10 every time. I’m sure I’m just doing something in a roundabout way or something that isn’t acceptable. I don’t need to be told what to do, but if there’s any insight or hints what I’m doing wrong, that’d be very helpful because I’ve been sitting here for an hour fiddling and double checking everything! I was hoping not to have to ask for help but I feel I’ve exhausted my ability to troubleshoot.

Also I don’t even know what snooker is, I just picked a random person on wikipedia.

So, I figured this out immediately after posting this. Turns out if you click on the 7/10 score it will tell you which user stories you don’t fulfill. Unfortunately it won’t let me delete this post, but I figured it out.

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