I can't find what it's missing on my project

I’m doing the portfolio project but I really can’t find the missing thing. Is it a bug or something? Is it me?
here’s my code

Well you’re passing all the tests. The problem seems to be in the project section. Keep the titles close to the picture like this:

    <img src="/media/cc0-images/elephant-660-480.jpg"
         alt="Elephant at sunset">
    <figcaption>An elephant at sunset</figcaption>

Also don’t use float and clear on the same element. This may help: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_float_clear.asp

If you’re trying to float them side-by-side in a row one way is like this:

Well nice to know :’) I can’t control it properly.
Btw thank you for your comments, you really helped me!
(for the clear and float thing too since I didn’t know)

The h6 for “Byrd feed” has id="pro-name" but it should be class="pro-name"

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