I can't get my sertificate

I’m done all test "Responsive Web Design Sertification(300hours) but I can’t get my sertification, because alwaise write me “We need your name so we can put it on your certification. Add your name to your account settings and click the save button. Then we can issue your certification.” But I fill that form but I can’t safe it. Help me, please. I want get my sertificate.

HI @Lazyun !

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What happens when you try to save your name in the account?
Is there an error message that pops up?

Здраствуйте. Заполняю форму с данными но не могу сохранить, кнопка save блокируется при наведении

So you are saying the save button is disabled on your end.
Have you tried other browsers?

I can’t try other browsers. I have windows 10

I got my certifies from phone. Thank for help

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