I can't install HelmetJS

In the information security introduction, you are asked to install HelmetJS. I cannot find it though! Can someone please help? I really want to get into cybersecurity.

Are you going through the challenges on Glitch (or other web-based platforms) and, if not, what operating system are you using if you are doing it locally?

Yes, I am using Glitch

On Glitch the easiest way to do it is click on package.json, then click on the “Add Package” button that shows up, and search for helmet; the first one that comes up should be the one you want and by clicking on it Glitch will automatically install it for you. Alternatively, you can also manually add it to package.json if you need a specific version.

Also, have you already done the Managing Packages with NPM section of the APIs And Microservices Certification? What you are asking is covered there; and if you haven’t already done that section you really should do it.


do you know how to do it on github?

What do you mean by ‘do it on GitHub’?

What url is it even looking for? I don’t get it