I can't log into the site using any of the login methods

Hello all, I’m trying to log into the site but every time I do I get redirected to the front page of FreeCodeCamp with an error:

Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment.

I have tried different browsers (FF, Chrome, Edge), different computers one with Linux one with Windows, my wife’s Macbook, and even my Android phone. I tried creating a new account completely but it still gives me this error. I have no VPN, no AdBlock and tried disabling every extension via incognito mode but for some reason I continue to get this error.

This has been an ongoing issue for me that I cannot find a way to get around. Any suggestions here?

If you are unable to log in it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to support@freecodecamp.org.

You can read more about the issue here

Thank you so much! I can’t believe that didn’t come up when I googled the error with freecodecamp in the search haha. I’ll do that now.