I can't login to freecodecamp.org

I can’t login to my freecodecamp account. All my progress has been reset. I don’t know what to do

Did you try to reset password? Is your account linked to your e-mail?

how do you know that your progress has been reset if you can’t login?

please, describe in more details what’s going on.

Note that the freecodecamp account is linked to your email address so if you changed your email address to the account you are using to log in (facebook, github) then it would not be connected to your account anymore.

I mean when I try to login it takes me to a new account. I didn’t change my email or password. Everything’s the same. I was logged out of my freecodecamp forum but I was able to log back in with my freecodecamp account.

My account is linked to my GitHub and email and I’ve tried logging back in with them but I can’t.

Thank you. I’ve solved the problem.