I cant make any progress

I would recommend you choose a specific learning platform and a specific path on that platform regarding what you want to learn and DO IT ALL. If you’ve covered absolutely every single lesson and project in that path, then try moving on to a more advanced path if one exists or something that goes more in-depth. Don’t bounce around between learning platforms, because it makes it harder to stay focused on one thing and following through with it.

Great words, man! Thank you:wink:

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Hey! That is rough because you’re on a really tight schedule.
Like many others have said here: practice, practice, practice.
If you can find at least an hour or two each day to study or practice what you’ve learned, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish.
Of course this requires great discipline and removing any distractions!!
Good luck and remember the community is always here if you are stuck on a concept.
I also highly recommend finding a “coding buddy” in or near your time zone to help keep you accountable. Tell each other what you are working on and what you plan to do the next day - it helps!!!
Here is the invite for the unofficial FCC Discord community:

I think that you’re probably making more progress than you think. I would suggest just trying to do 30 minutes of working on code every day like in the morning before you go to work or 30 minutes after work. With limited time I would say like Monday through Wednesday, you could work along with code-along tutorials and Thursday through Saturday, you could work on a personal project. You can do this.