I cant move from here

i cant seem to understand how am going to move ahead from here, personally i might be wrong though, Use Attribute Selector to Style Elements i felt i did my coding the right way i should , but am told am wrong …PLS I NEED HELP

It would help if you used the “get help” button on the challenge so that we can see your code so far.

Thanks for quick response infact thats exactly my worry @miles you see i checked and double checked again the get help platform to see if am doing it right and guees what i did it the way it was highlighted on the platform but the result remain the same, here is my link;https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/basic-css/use-attribute-selectors-to-style-elements

That’s okay. So after you try to solve it click the Get Help > Ask for Help > Create a help post on the forum

Right now you aren’t including any of the code you’ve written so there is no way for us to help :slight_smile:

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