I can't pass any tests in "25 + 5 Clock" challenge

I meet all requires of challenge, using React, but can’t achive any testcase, even “#Technology Stack”
I tried to select “Drum machine” test suite and pass “#Technology Stack”, but “25 + 5 Clock” didn’t
My Codepen link

I think there is something going wrong there, there is something weird on the test

something in your code is affecting the tests, if you cut out all the code in the JavaScript box you will see that the tests work again.

You will want to check carefully what it is having unwanted side effects

I checked carefully, change something but it didn’t work. My code is being used the same technology stack like other projects(React, react component class). there’s only one different point is i defined a original JS class, has some public fields and functions within it.

thanks you very much,after a long time debug,I found only one line get error(window.clearInterval), I deleted it and passed the challenge :grin:

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