I can't pass the step 78 of the css color block.please click my link. thank you

my code : .cap .sleeve {
div div div {
can’t pass that yet. Please help me to pass it, thanks a lot.

Hi there, I can’t read Chinese but I noticed that you will probably need a comma between the .cap and the .sleeve if you want to target both.

I think you probably only want to target all divs? Not all divs within a div within a div?

I’m sorry, I made a stupid mistake. yes, that’s it.
I passed that ,thank you. I’m a novice,God bless you.
I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble

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Dear sir, I can’t mark this one as solved,because no button of solution on that.
so I’m sorry,

I am not 100% sure of your meaning.
Do you still need some help?
Or are you trying to mark the whole topic as solved? (To mark the topic as solved. You just click the check mark :heavy_check_mark: on one of the posts above to indicate that it is the solution)

I’m sorry,sir
My English is so bad.
I’m sorry to bother you.thank you.I do my best to mark the whole topic as soved.

你可以勾选 :ballot_box_with_check: 某个回复为 Solution,像这个帖子里做的那样: