I can't pass the Web Design Curriculum's step 14 ,somebody can help me ?Manythanks!

Hi everyone:
I can’t pass the step 14,.Could someone help me,please?

I can’t solve the under problem.

7               <p>Click here to view more <elementName><a target="_blank" href="https://freecatphotoapp.com">cat photos</a>.</p>

Hi, again!

I’ve been able to work out this is for the catphotoapp project, but in future please link to the project, makes it a little easier for people to test your code without hunting for the lesson in the curriculum.

First, you don’t need the <element name> you’ve added. This isn’t a valid HTML tag.

Next, think back to when you turned the text into a link in lesson 11. You put the text ‘cat photos’ just before the closing </a> tag and that made the text into a link.

Try putting the img code in that same location using the link you are provided.

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O.K.I sumit the catphoto project under current siyuation page without hunting for the lesson in the curriculum.But, when I want to pass the step 14 it is no “ask for help” opotion item,I don’t know why ?

You have to fail to pass the lesson twice before ‘ask for help’ comes up. I think it is to encourage people to try at least once before asking for help.

You can also copy and past the url of the lesson into the new topic post, that works too.

(I will edit my reply to link to lesson 11 since it is a little hypocritical of me to not link to the lesson in turn.)

Many thanks! I really failed twice so can’t do “asking for help”

O.K. I will copy past URL for passing the step

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