I cant passing this level

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// Setup
var processed = 0;

function processArg(num) {
return (num + 3) / 5;

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Challenge: Assignment with a Returned Value

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You are suppose to do the following under this line:
// Only change code below this line

1 call the processArg function with an argument of 7
2 assign its return value to the variable processed .

ourSum = sum(5, 12); //is an example of how it's done
there is 1 variable in the code given to you

var processed = 0;

okay i get it, thank you for helping , and my answer this:

var processed;
  function processArg(num) {
     return  (num +3)/5; 
processed = processArg(7);  

 /*its value of into the brackets  Assigned to num in the function process  then  num + 3 / 5 = 2 and this value assigned to processed.
my english is not so good but i hope i telling that i understood */