I cant save my progress

I am using LINUX Ubuntu as my operating system and the latest version of Mozilla Firefox as my web browser but the text that says “You appear to be offline, your progress may not be being saved.” is still up even though i am connected to a fairly good internet connection. My progress is not getting saved. I would appreciate some help

Hi @lucifer-ux,

This might be a silly question but are you sure you are logged in? If you go to your main ‘learn’ page, does it say at the top ‘Welcome’ followed by your name?

@trix19 yes actually I am logged in by my GitHub account and it does says welcome followed by my name, my apologies for not providing an update but i downloaded opera browser and its working fine in it, however the problem persists in Firefox so I hope if any one have this issue they can do the same

@lucifer-ux No problem. I am glad you got it sorted and can save your progress again :slight_smile:

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