I cant see changes in database

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Challenge: Create and Save a Record of a Model

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I am working on the create and save record of a model challenge under mongodb and mongoose(api and microservices). Though my code successfully passes the test i thought i would be able to see these saved records from my mongodb atlas database because the only thing that changes in the db is the creation of a new collection called “people”.

For my cide i used exactly the one provided in the hint section and it passed.
I am just curious to know if i a meant to see these records in my database

Welcome there,

Last I checked, for some of the challenges, the database records are deleted, after the tests. You can find this in the server.js file (last i remember), and disable it if you want, but it could cause future tests in this section to fail.

Okay…Thank you
I checked the server.js file and saw some lines like pers.remove().i guess this removes the record. I will experiment with this and see wgat happens thank you

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