I can't see where's my problem in Mongoose connection

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I can’t see where’s my problem in Mongoose connection

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Challenge: Install and Set Up Mongoose

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Hello there,

Would you mind sharing a link to your project code? Also, do you see any errors in the Repl.it console?

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thank you for your reply. and so sorry i didn’t below is my work.


Are you sure you created a .env file, and added the correct variable to it, with the correct password?

NOTE: .env files are hidden from public view, so I cannot tell. Also, be sure to not share your DB password.

  • You’re including the URI in sample.env.
  • Instead, rename it to .env

thank you @Minsky, but it still doesn’t work.

Comment out the dotenv press start, and check again. And please, include the error if any.

To be clear, you’re doing quite ok, but sometimes the learning is in debugging how FCC is checking stuff.

how to add my password in my .env file?