I cant seem to complete Alt attribute practice

I must not be understanding one simple thing on giving my img element an alt attribute with applicable text.

You are going to have to show us what you are trying to do by pasting your code in here. Be sure to wrap your code in triple back ticks. Put three back ticks on a line by themselves, then underneath that line paste your code, then on a separate line below your code put another three back ticks. On my keyboard the back tick is in the upper left above the Tab key and below Esc.

Also, the alt attribute is added to the image just like any other attribute is added to an element. I’m assuming you’ve already added the src attribute to the image, so you can use that as an example.

We use alt attribute just to specify an alternative text about the content of image.If due to some reasons image cannot be displayed on screen.
Happy coding :smiley:

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