I can't seem to make a working link on my tribute page. Help!

I am having trouble getting links to outside sites to work for my tribute page. Here is a snippet of code from my page:

< a http://“www.computerhistory.org/fellowawards/hall/bios/Frances,Allen/” target = “_blank”>Frances Allen< /a>"
(spaces added so the anchor symbols would show)

I also tried it without the _blank. It looks like a link and acts like a link, but opens nothing! I tried it in the editor, full page view, and on my smartphone by sending my page link to myself, Before I put it up for people to see… I need to get this fixed.

I notice that the links in the little CatPhotoApp we learned with didn’t work either. But other people’s tribute pages work fine.

Can someone point me in the right direction on this? Will the links on the page open while you are still working in CodePen?

Did you add “href” to your “a” tag?

Hi GrannieB,

It looks like you forgot to add-in the href, so the tag should read <a href="url" target="_blank"...

Thanks! That was the problem.

Right! And I had it in my notes too. Don’t know why I keep making these silly mistakes. It works fine now. Thanks!