I cant seem to understand the task here with the alert function. How do i pass the string "Invalid Input: " to the alert function using tempelate litrals

function getCaloriesFromInputs(list) {
  let calories = 0;

  for (const item of list) {
    const currVal = cleanInputString(item.value);
    const invalidInputMatch = isInvalidInput(currVal);

    if (invalidInputMatch) {
      alert(`"Invalid Input:"${invalidInputMatch.unshift()}`)

Please help find what am doing wrong

Please talk to us about how the instructions or error message is confusing.

Also, please post a link to the Step. Thanks

Using a template literal, in your if block, call the alert() function to tell the user "Invalid Input: " , followed by the first value in the invalidInputMatch array… These are the instructions

Thanks a lot…Its solved

Please talk to us about the what you find confusing instead of copy-pasting the instructions at us.

Also… Please post a link to the Step