I can't set the child div to be the height and width of the parents element


The main problem here is on the #overlay
Despite setting the width and height to be 100%, I can’t get it to be the same width and height as my parents element.

What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated

The parent element is a flex container with this value:

  padding: 8rem;

So the element is taking 100% of the remaining space, which is not much.

You might accomplish your goal by removing the padding on the parent and setting a fixed height and width on the children’s class, though I can’t guarantee that will solve all the issues. It’s trial and error.

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Thanks for the help, I fixed with align items center. Don’t know why but
It is what it is lol

you gonna make that browser explode. joke. nice you got that fixed.

I don’t mind to take another look at the code later on, if you’d like to, just remind me w a message.

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Then I’ll take you up on my offer sir, but it’ll be awhile till I finish it. Thanks again, cheers