I can't submit test on freeCodeCamp

Hello guys. Im in Apis And Microservices Certification course. I’ve got trouble in lession 1, which say that I must have an “author key” in my “package.json” file.
I created a project on glitch by default and added my “author key”, and freeCodeCamp didn’t take it, then it kept telling me that I lost an “author key” in my code.

Are you using the correct Glitch url (not the edit one that shows up in the address bar)?

I pasted right link as I read on the forum. not the editor page. but its not work. Why I can’t find anyone has the same issue with me.

Hello. but any help ? I even can’t submit my answer so I can’t do anything else.

None of us have magical powers that can tell us what your error might be. Usually when people have problems with this challenge they are either using the wrong Glitch link or they cloned the wrong Glitch project.