I can't upload a CodeAlly project to Github

I can’t upload my two projects that I’ve completed from CodeAlly’s Relational Database course to Github for verification. As I can solve it, it doesn’t leave me the option to download the project either.

what do you mean that you can’t upload the project? are you unable to make a dump file and copy that out of the CodeAlly virtual machine?

Anyway, this month there should be a new version of the projects that will be more stable

As you can see I’ve already completed it but I can’t upload it to Github, since to verify that it’s completed you have to enter the link to the GitHub repository where you have your project completed with the Git commits.

Finally, I created the repositories manually from GitHub and copied the CodeAlly project. Not very practical if you really want to see the changes made to the Git.

yes, in the codeAlly machine you can’t connet to github, you need to manually copy the files outside them