I can't view full page on codepen.io

After i’ve confirmed my email times without number on codepen.io, this is what i do received once i tried to view the full page of my project “You’ll need to verify your email address to use Full Page View.” Please what’s the way out

try logging out and back in. if that fails, try clearing your cache.

I’ve tried the two options, still the same thing

Did you verify your E-mail address? xD

Yes i have done it twice or thrice thereabout

have you tried logging in to codepen via an incognito window (Chrome), or Private Browsing (Firefox, Safari?)

i’m using chrome here, may be i should also try firefox

Maybe. But the icognito/private browsing windows can be regarded as “clean sandboxes” that have:

  • no cache of any kind
  • no SESSION cookies

If you log in there and it works, then the issue is your browser history.

Thank you boss, the solution u gave has resolved the issue. i’m grateful

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okay i have done that

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