I cant't get my code right

var mystar = "this is the start. " + " this is the end. "

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Challenge: Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

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First of all, you can log it out to see what is happening:

console.log('***' + mystar + '***')
console.log('***' + 'This is the start. This is the end.' + '***')

The first line will show what you are making and the second line what it is supposed to be. (The *** stuff is just to show the beginning and end clearly.)

You also didn’t name your variable correctly.

Read the instructions closely. Details matter. At least to computers they do.

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// Check variable name and spaces in your sentence

Please don’t just give the answer, especially with the curriculum. This is a learning platform. We try to guide them to the answer, not give it to them to cut and paste.

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