I completed (New) Responsive Web Design. After that?

I completed (New) Responsive Web Design.


I loved this course. It was my first Course, where I went forward from elementary.
New Course is sleek, easy and very easily flowing. In learning by making projects, I got good concepts of basics. I liked the new course as it builds concepts one by one. Every new step is sum of all of last exercises. The learning curve is smooth, and repetition makes an habit out of many concepts.

After new course, Now legacy web Design course, feels like breeze. I’m enjoying that too. It has practice, being done topic-wise.

But, now I have tried to make some projects my-self, I get in challenges that I like I am not able to make my desired page.

  1. I still haven’t gained intuition how properties are over-ridden. Sometime by id, class, or element, and pseudo selectors, some properties work, while some don’t. While some seems to be using some unknown property. What should I do to improve this?

  2. Debugging gets painful. Which layer, which element and which selector. I am having hard time, figuring out. I expect this, because I am beginner. Any suggestion?

  3. But when I try to make a copy of some page or other, Things stay smooth for a while. But soon a lot of things enters in CSS and it becomes difficult to manage. So, what to do?

  4. I’m finding it difficult to remember different properties and values. they are too many of them, and I frequently forget their functions. Best way to deal with it.

Currently I’m working on " JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures", What should I do next to develop my skills, on web-development.

Thanks and Regards.
Thank you very much for your time.

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