I could not pass the certification test

i don’t know why am not passing the test

this is my Html code:

<!DOCTYPE html>



        <link rel="stylesheet" href="tribute.css">



    <div id="main">

        <h1 id="title">JEFF BEZOS<br><h5>CEO of Amazon</h5></h1>


        <div id="img-div">

            <img id="image" src="jeff.webp" alt="jeff">

            <h3 id="img-caption">The Richest Man</h3>


            <p id="tribute-info">The billionaire Amazon CEO set a record when his net worth jumped by $13 billion in just one day, on Monday, according to Bloomberg. 

                The Bloomberg Billionaires Index put Bezos’ estimated net worth at $189.3 billion at the end of Monday. Bezos, who is the world’s wealthiest man according to both Bloomberg and Forbes, experienced the huge one-day spike in his net worth after Amazon stock surged during the day, thanks to a positive Wall Street forecast.


                Amazon shares spiked by 8% on Monday after a Goldman Sachs analyst raised his price target for the e-commerce giant. Goldman Sachs raised its price target for Amazon, which projects what the stock’s value will be within the next 12 months, by about 28%, to $3,800 per share. The stock opened trading on Tuesday valued at $3,232.49 per share.


                The bulk of Bezos’ personal wealth is tied to his more than 57 million shares of Amazon stock, so the company’s stock spike also sent his net worth soaring to the point that he’s on the precipice of becoming the first person in the world to officially boast a net worth of more than $200 billion. (Bezos likely would have already passed that milestone were it not for his nearly $40 billion divorce settlement with ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos in 2019.)



                <a id="tribute-link" href="https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/21/bezos-record-multibillion-dollar-net-worth-gain-bloomberg.html" target="_blank">Read more</a>





this is my css code:


    margin: 0;

    padding: 0;



    text-align: center;

    background-color: silver;


#main #tribute-info{

    padding: 50px;

    color: yellow;

    background-color: black;

    margin: 45px;

    text-align: justify;


}#main h1{

    background-color: silver;

    margin-top: 20px;

    padding: 20px;



    max-width: 100%;



#main #img-div{

    background-color: white;

    margin: 20px;


#main #tribute-link{

    padding-bottom: 20px;


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I see that now you are missing only one test. That is great. You are almost done. Your image is not formatted according to the requirements. You need to add some CSS.