I couldn't pass any test due to unknown reason

I typed the answer correctly for every test and couldn’t pass, it only showed //running tests.

Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks.

Post your code and the link to the challenge.

I couldn’t post links so the task’s name is below, the last 8th chapter in introduction to basic CSS.

Basic CSS: Use CSS Variables to change several elements at once

.penguin { /* change code below */ --penguin-skin: gray; --penguin-belly: white; --penguin-beak: orange; /* change code above */

The code you posted works for me.
Try “Reset All Code” button.

I did several times, but the test remained the same. Not just this test, but all tests, couldn’t pass with right answers. I need to exit and click to each new test in curriculum to do it.

Have you try refreshing the browsers with a cleaned cache?
Some times the challenges may “hang”, especially after many attempt of submission.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

It keeps showing this(red line), but couldn’t pass.


I tried this in my ipad just now, couldn’t pass either.

On your laptop or desktop, try another browser. Either Chrome or firefox.

Also, ensure the site is has the right permissions for whatever you may be running in your browser i.e. Ghostery, NoScript.

@frentea What browser and operating system are you using?

Hi, it’s my browser, it’s working on Chrome. Thanks.

Yes, it’s because of my browser. I can use it well on Chrome. Thanks.

Hey, it’s the browser. I worked it out. Thanks.