I created a Discord server for SPANISH speaking campers

Hello everyone,

Since this forum is english-only and some spanish speaking people don’t feel totally comfortable expressing themselves in english, I created a Discord server (a great platform for people to communicate, BTW) in which you’re expected to write, read and/or speak in spanish.

Also, I created this server because I don’t use Facebook and I think FCC community seems to be Facebook centric. And, like me, I guess many others don’t use Facebook, right?

So, if you want to join and help others, or if you need help and want to express yourself in spanish, you’re welcome to join me and, maybe, others :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and I hope it helps someone.

Hola a todos/as,

Ya que en este foro sólo se habla inglés y algunos/as españoles/as y latinos/as no se sienten totalmente cómodos/as expresándose en inglés, he creado un servidor en Discord (una gran plataforma de comunicación, por cierto) en la que se espera que escribas, leas y/o hables en español.

También he creado este servidor porque yo no uso Facebook y creo que la comunidad FCC parece estar centrada en torno a Facebook. Y como yo, imagino que serán muchos/as los/as que no usen Facebook, no?

Así que si quieres unirte y ayudar a otros/as, o si necesitas ayuda y quieres expresarte en tu idioma, te invito a unirte a mí y, quizás, a otros/as más :slight_smile:

Gracias por tu tiempo y espero que esto ayude a alguien.

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For what it’s worth, the forum isn’t intended to be English only. You are always welcome to post forum threads in your native language. Fewer people here will be able to understand it, and you might have to put up with some terrible grammar from those of us trying to respond without fluency in your language. (Not to say that a Spanish chat isn’t also a good thing.)

Well, everyone speaks English here, so I thought it would help people to have a dedicated place to speak their language.

Why do you think it’s not a good idea? Maybe you’re right and I just don’t think of it.

Sorry. I phrased that poorly. I was trying to say it was NOT a bad idea. :slight_smile: I just wanted to add a note that people are always welcome to post here in Spanish or any other language.

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