I created an open source anime quote api

Website: https://anime-chan.herokuapp.com :tada:
Repo : https://github.com/RocktimSaikia/anime-chan :rocket: :

I am creating an open-source anime quotes API. For the last couple of weeks, I have been busy mostly on my internship which will end in June. Even tho I enjoy working there. I also wanted to work on a fun side project during these times.
So I started working on this anime quote API. which is a fully open-source project. I created a bot that crawls the web and scraps any anime quotes if finds. After scrapping; it directly stores the data to an online MongoDB database. Till now it has scrapped and stored over 8000+ anime quotes on the database.
[Note: I have not made the bot open source, only the API]

After that process. I started working on the actual API which uses node on the backend and express as it’s framework. Right now the API routes are limited and will be extended in the future.

Since this is an open-source project you can also find and submit any issue and start working on it to improve the API. :rocket:

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